To the Sea…!

And we’re off. Today we left the bustle of Jerusalem and headed towards the Sea of Galilee. Our first stop was a Biblical garden. All the plants grown in this reserve are from the Bible. Our guide was awesome, bringing in the significance from both the Old and New Testament. For example, he took us to this 1900 year old cistern:


In Israel there is a short, but flood-like rainy season on which all life depends. I didn’t get all exact details but basically the children of Israel would pray and sacrifice on the 8th day of the feast of harvest for the next year’s rain. It was on that “last” day that Jesus stood and cried out, “If anyone thirsts let him come to Me.” John 7:37. That was the day everyone was praying for water. Everything the Lord did and all His timing was significant.


RP grinding herbs from the hyssop plant

Then we stopped for lunch, where we found Wi-Fi. Woot! And here’s a photo shout out to my sisters:


Finally to Caesarea by the Sea (not to be confused with Caesarea Phillipi). Cool ocean breezes. Gorgeous Mediterranean seas. This harbor also came out of Herod’s megalomaniacal building schemes  (remember he also built Masada and the Temple Mount).


no instagram filter needed... it was just beautiful




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