A Tour

So today is the last day of the tour! Crazy! Isn’t that always how it feels at the end of something you’ve been anticipating? Like how did we get to the end? Anyway, it’s not really the end ’cause up next is a conference. Yay!

So most of my previous pics have just been of RP and I, but it has definitely been a tour with all 43 of us English-speaking ones.  So today’s pics are imbued with a bit more of the tour flava.


Sun rising over Galilee


Jordan River (waaaay commercialized)


The Date Store for souvenirs - yay for decorating with burlap coffee sacks!


Sweet saints from Switzerland enjoying a coffee at the Date Store


Amichai our fearless tour guide overlooking the valley of Jezreel


More sweet saints from Texas and Vancouver


The tour group marching up the hill of Megiddo


RP & a brother from Cali


So I want to say something about this last picture. This is RP and our second guide reading ministry portions as we were on the Hill of Megiddo overlooking the valley of Armageddon. These times were the highlight of the trip. Being able to be physically in these spots while reading about their spiritual significance was awesome. Not only that, but then we prayed. We prayed for the Lord to train us in this age to fight with Him so that we will be qualified to return with Him in the physical fight at the end of this age. Hallelujah!



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4 responses to “A Tour

  1. When are you all coming back? And yay for burlap! ahahaha!

  2. These photo’s are great! I haven’t seen those swiss saints for YEARS!! So good to see their faces 🙂 How are they? You’re trip looks like it was awesome!

  3. These photo’s from your trip are great! I haven’t see those Swiss saints in YEARS, how are they? Your trip looks like it was a lot of fun 🙂

  4. Hanan & Christi

    Just found your blog today. 6 of us were having breakfast this morning & talked about the tour and the wonderful enjoyment with the saints. Another tour is being planned for some young people in New Zealand. Those of us who went in May 2012 would love to go to Israel again. God’s heart is set on Zion, the city of God!

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