Delirious wanderings of a jet-lagged mind

We’re home!  At least physically we are.  Our internal clocks are somewhere over Greenland.  We are doing our best to keep ourselves up for an hour or so more to get back to East Coast time as quickly as possible.  But I think, at this point, we’ve been up for about…(mentally calculating)…41 hours, minus the 3-4 hours of fitful napping on the plane.

So sorry my posting kind of dropped off there at the end but here are a few photos to wrap up.


Israeli Dippin' Dots


Our 9th floor (out of 12) elevator didn't go up, but apparently it could go side to side.


Singing time at the conference

Last days in Tel Aviv:

Sweet H Family


Tel Aviv university


TAU Museum of the Diaspora


Iced coffee. Thanks TB!


Breakfast at Benedict's. Thank you J & J!


Beach in Tel Aviv

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One response to “Delirious wanderings of a jet-lagged mind

  1. estherelizondo

    So glad you’re home and that you had a wonderful time! Love those Hearnes and Boswells! Glad you got to hang out with them too!

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