Tasting the church life

So RP and I are endeavoring/grappling/praying/seeking/failing/succeeding/trying to live the church life. Like the real life, practical, day to day experience of Acts. Not just in a church building but in our home. Not just as a social or charitable network, but sharing Christ, shepherding young ones, speaking the gospel, and building one another up in life. We are blessed to be under a wonderful ministry regarding this very matter, but we’re still not really sure what it looks like. Kinda like we have the recipe and the photograph, but we’re not sure how it all tastes when it’s put together.

But in the meantime we’re endeavoring and here are a few pics of this week’s effort 🙂

After the prayer meeting:


Friday night group:


Introducing the newest Graham: Baby S!


and Baby S flys away…

Blending meeting in Chattanooga:


So this week was a lot of Baby S and the Grahams, but we’ll keep endeavoring and (if I can remember to take pictures) keep you posted.

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  1. Olivia

    We’re all learning! Now that I’m a stay-at-home mom, the church life has been completely redefined for me. The big meetings, and even the home meetings, are difficult for me to get to, attend, pay attention, and stay for the whole time. Right now, I consider my church life to be a sister’s care for me by calling me, visiting me, and doing dishes for me.
    Also, instead of being able to have many people over due to baby’s schedule, baby and I have to go out to contact other saints and people (we are gospel partners). Hopefully, this will help me get over my small universe.

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