Long Runs

MC, RG and I are training for a half-marathon. Woot! One thing I like about longer runs is that you can actually go places! See things! Explore! Alot of times I stick to my familiar routes, but every once in a while…..
Here are a few of the things MC and I found on our last long run:


Inman Park library lending book house

Random public art in the park:

IKEA chairs!



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7 responses to “Long Runs

  1. Marilyn

    I wanna run with you! When is the half-marathon?

  2. Those random artsy things are very cool! Love the Ikea chairs! I miss Atlanta!

  3. esther

    I miss running with you! And, yes to random public art.

  4. Elizabeth Ly

    What’s running?

  5. B

    so sad i missed that awesome lending library tree! also, i don’t know how this is my first comment on here, so sorry!! but i love it:)

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