Finally Pizza!

Why am I always doing these posts rushed at 1130 pm? I always have the best intentions….

Today was a great wrap-up of our time here. I was really surprised at how much I love Chicago!! We had a sweet time of fellowship with Jim Reetzke who touched the ministry of Witness Lee back in the 1950’s and was in the first meeting of the Church in Los Angeles. It was wonderful to hear the history. Got to visit Chicago Bibles & Books which was awesome. Look forward to getting more biographies from them once I finish the two I picked up.

Then off to the Billy Graham museum in Wheaton, IL followed by The Bean and…drum roll please….Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza! (Secretly, that may have been everyone’s reason for visiting Chicago).

And now the photo roll:

Billy Graham Museum:

Downtown Chicago:





Sadly, no pics of the pizza (although if you search #2013MidwestBlending there must be some). But here is Alessa acting for us what we all felt on the inside after we were done:



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