Almost home!

I almost made it through the trip with a blog post every day, but since it was late and I am one of today’s 2 drivers, I opted for sleep last night. Yesterday took us from Chicago to Champaign, IL. Champaign holds the University of Illinois, at least one really good frozen yogurt place, and more wonderful saints.

I got to see a sister I hadn’t seen in awhile and was telling her about my ongoing struggle to spend quality time with the Lord in the morning. I appreciated her simple answer,

Just ask the Lord about it.

She made it sound so simple and I was reminded that it really is so easy! He really wants to spend the time with us, so He’s happy to help us figure out how to spend time with Him.

Leaving our wonderful hospitality. So sad we didn’t get a picture with them!

University of Illinois:





Today we took the long way home. Robert and I took 3 students back through Cincinnati to pick up the now- repaired church van and drop off our rental. The silver lining to this was one last stop at Graeter’s! The location we found through yelp had Jim, the world’s friendliest manager.




AND my only state border pic the whole trip….



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