Tip of the Day #TraderJoes

Since I can’t muster the motivation to write real blog posts but I do occasionally have moments where I think, “Other people need to know this!” Here is your tip of the day…

Trader Joe’s has the best, cheapest, and not-too-sappy greeting cards, especially for weddings. AND! They are only 99 cents!! When I find one I like I buy 5 ’cause you know people are always havin’ birthdays & babies.



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4 responses to “Tip of the Day #TraderJoes

  1. Marilyn

    Thanks for sharing! I need to get cards to go with some baby gifts. 😊

  2. awesome! and i love the idea of stocking up 🙂

    • Krilips

      Right? So much better than stopping at a crowded Target on a Saturday afternoon on the way to the baby shower for that durn card…Not that I’ve ever had to do that.

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