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Mt. of Olives & Gethsemane

Today I am tired.
But just soaking in what I can.

There has been a lot of fellowship from the saints in Israel, emphasizing our need to not exalt the physical realm, but to appreciate the reality – Christ!
Today in the garden of Gethsemane
RP and I were enjoying the significance of the word Gethsemane – olive press. The Lord, through His human living, was compounded with every necessary human experience. Every experience He needed to have as a human being was put into Him in those 33½ years. Then in Gethsemane He began to be pressed (just like an olive is pressed to produce olive oil). What flowed out was the very essence of all that human experience compounded into the life-giving Spirit. Imagine if you put olives along with spices into a press, what would be produced would be an olive oil infused with all the elements of all those spices. So that the Spirit who enters into us enables us to live the life that the Lord lived. This is how we live the Christian life, by enjoying the wonderful, all-inclusive, compounded, life-giving Spirit. Hallelujah!


O Jerusalem! This is the view from the Mt. of Olives on the Eastern side of Jerusalem


ancient, like centuries old, olive trees.


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