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Better late than Never

Here we are on day 5 and I have yet to post anything!! Well here’s a recap for posterity:
Day 1: arrive in San Francisco – lunch at Ferry Building & watching Uncle David play steel guitar at the Cheese Board in Berkley.

Day 2: Run Golden Gate Park, drive to Salinas & Rehearsal Dinner!

Day 3: Robert goes kayaking with Grandad!, sweet hair appt with Lynn, and Spencer James’ WEDDING! (Sidebar: so glad I got to see these 2 lovely people get married.)

Day 4: Flensjes breakfast, lunch in Monterey, and all aboard Amtrak to Washington.

All in all it has been lovely, sweet, and restful. I’m especially diggin’ this train ride. It’s basically an excuse to sit, do nothing, and watch scenery. Like a land-locked cruise. Woke up early this morning to views of the sun rising in Mt. Shasta and her little sister Shastanita.

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