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DIY Dry Erase Board & Corkboard

so I dream of dry erase.  I kind of wish I could paint my whole house with that nifty dry erase paint (www.whiteyboard.com) so that anytime I have a thought/grocery item/thing to do I could jot it on a wall near me.  But that nifty dry erase paint is also niftily expensive, so here’s my current dry erase (and corkboard) solution on-the-cheap.

We had 2 old frames and I bought $1 white spray paint (Wal-Mart), corkboard (Wal-Mart), a burlap sack (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShadyBeanCafe), some dry erase pens, and crazy glue.

Prep Materials

Next I spray painted the frames white:

Thank you



spray paint!








Cut the corkboard to size and krazy-glued it to the cardboard:

Then I cut the burlap to size (this took a little help from a friend to figure out what graphic I wanted to frame…thanks Jess!).  For the dry erase board I cut the burlap to fit the frame and then just sandwiched it between the glass and the cardboard back, as if I were putting a picture into the frame.  Super easy.

The corkboard was more challenging.  I cut the burlap about 2-3″ larger than the cardboard, then wrapped and stretched the burlap around the cardboard, and secured it with staples.  Just using a regular household stapler (again…thanks Jess!)

I also bought a nifty pen holder from Wally world to stick to the frame to keep the dry erase marker handy.





So I’m not saying the staples were pretty….Actually Jess had to save the day (again) by covering the corkboard back with brown paper and adding a wire to the frame in order to hang it.  The dry erase board already had mounting hardware on the back of the original frame.

The finished project hanging in my kitchen:












And here are my tips for if you’re doing it yourself.

1) Remember that you are going to be writing on whatever material you’re framing (e.g. fabric, paper, burlap, etc.) so if there’s a beautiful floral fabric with 12 colors, it might be nice to look at but you’re not going to be able to read what you’re writing.

2) The corkboard was definitely more challenging than the dry erase board.  I think fabric might have been easier to work with than burlap, and I probably should have found a deeper frame that would have held the burlap and the frame together a little more tightly.  The corkboard required the assistance of an experienced crafty-person (thanks Jess!), so if you don’t have such a phone-a-friend I recommend just starting with the dry erase board.

So that’s it for my first ever DIY project.  And if I can do it, you can do it.  trust me 🙂

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