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I had such a good week last week that I wanted to put it in writing and remind myself to do it again! RP had the week off and months ago we had thought about going to Canada so I also took the week off. When Canada fell through we tossed around different ideas of places to go but eventually I just felt like if I didn’t get my life together this week I’d be scrambling all year. So…staycation!

The major event of this week for me was trying out the Getting Things Done method of task management? Life management? Not sure what to call it, but basically getting life in order.

We also found time for a date night:


yes, that is the whole fish head.


But when I was thinking about why I felt so great after this week I think the real answer is that I had time to spend with the Lord every day. It wasn’t anything spectacular, in fact I wondered if I was even really touching the Lord. But there is something miraculously normal about the supply we get from spending time with the Lord.

I need these reset buttons on real life 🙂

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