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I like Galilee so much better than Jerusalem.  There is an atmosphere of peace here.

Boat ridin’ across the Sea of Galilee with Chinese, Spanish, and English-speaking saints, singing hymns of praise:


On from there to Capernaum. Here we visited the ruins of a synagogue which was built on top of the synagogue where Jesus declared that He is the bread of life:


From there to Mt. Hermon and the springs of Hermon:


From there we went to a kibbutz, El Rom, which is the highest kibbutz in the world located in the Golan Heights. Here I took a picture of a self-reflective fly:


And a pensive dog:


(Super pertinent, right?)

Actually here we learned a lot about the Yom Kippur war. A 19-day battle between Egypt & Syria vs. Israel. The battle of the Valley of Tears, just 1.5 miles from El Rom involved 800 Syrian tanks vs. 180 Israeli tanks and 28,000 troops vs. 3,000 troops. To sum up, not only did the Israelis hold their ground, they even advanced into enemy territory on both the Syrian & Egyptian fronts. This is really a miracle of God.

We visited the Valley of Tears and what struck me was the juxtaposition of the idyllic and war.
The valley is gorgeous.
There are snowy mountains in the distance, pastoral vineyards, and flocks of goats. But pockmarking the serene scene is barbed wire and signs that say Danger Mines!


Last day of the tour tomorrow!

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